Hair Color Trends 2011

Haircolor trends that are hot right now run the range of light to dark, so what ever your personality is you can find the right haircolor for you, I have showcased some of the hottest hair colors seen today on celebrities and fashion models, some of those being rich dark browns, carmel highlights, platinum natural blondes and fire engine reds, so sit back relax and enjoy the colors before your eyes.

At Home Haircolor Trends

It is possible now to achieve the color you want by dying your hair at home with semi-permanent for salon perfect highlights in your natural tone, if you do not want the sunkissed look you can always opt for the bright pink, blues and greens that have the cyber 80’s style. Fade resistant haircolor is always best especially if you are not committed to one type of hairstyle. Remember do it yourself DIY hair color products will make it easier and safer to change your hair at home.

Temporary Haircolor Tips

Not all hair color needs to be permanent you can choose to use semi permanent hair colors such as Clairol, hair color , nice n easy and natural instincts are all hair dyes that was out after several shampoos, Hot topic and Manic Panic has shocking pinks and blues temporary hair color that you can use when you want a fun change.

Color Trends in Hair Salon

In 2011, if your salon doesn’t offer organic, ammonia-free, hair color then you shouldn’t expect to have many color clients at all.  As Americans go more and more “Green” and increasingly sensitive to ingredients, expect a substantial increase in demand for organic hair color services.  The overwhelmingly top organic hair color on the market is, appropriately names, Organic Color Systems and is exclusively distributed by Organic Salon Systems.

Coloring Grey Hair Tips

How to use hair dyes I found some tips for when coloring grey hair, first you will want to exceed the recommended processing time, this is to make sure the hair takes, other suggestions is that you use a permanent color for adequate coverage when coloring grey hair. Semi-permanent haircolor, or even permanent color with any less than 20 volume peroxide will merely blend grey.

Hair color trends Hennas

Hennas are a great way to color your hair with natural products, it takes longer to wash hennas out of the hair because they are plant based but since many woman are looking for natural ways to take care of their hair.

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