Top 10 Tips to First-Class Color in Your Salon

Color is necessary for every client. Color will add shine and definition to a cut, also gives body and texture to every hairstyle.

More than this, great use of color can give you, the stylist the opportunity to show off your skills and keep client retention high. The client will be sure to return in 6 weeks for a repeat service if you do a great job.

Here are our 10 Top Tips for providing a first-class color services within your salon.

  1. Know your color product options ; make sure you regularly update your product knowledge. You need to know what each product will do on the hair, also why you would choose that particular color or color type, whether it is permanent or Demi- Permanent color.
  2. Not sure about the result? Make swatches when you are not busy with duct tape and hair cuttings. Have them ready for when you want to experiment. Know your stuff!.
  3. Have 5 great color formulas memorised. One for pale ash hair level 8 & up, one for dark blonde hair (level 7), one for brown hair level (5/6), one for dark level 3 & below, and one for red hair.
  4. Understand your red tones. As a general rule, if you are adding red to blonde hair, use copper gold tones for the best results.
  5. Burgundy reds are for clients with natural level 5 hair and darker. Purple tones do not always look so great on blondehair. However there is always the exception. Use a notebook. Have your formulas written in the back of the book and use diagrams to show your clients where you will place different colors. Can’t draw? Use a photocopied sheet with blank heads drawn onto it.
  6. One person’s red is another persons brown. For instance; when you think red the client may think Lucille Ball, have visuals ready, show pictures rather than swatches. Swatches are for stylists to determine tones. However, you may wish to put 4 color swatches together to show how they contrast.
  7. Carry out a thorough consultation before every color service (even with regular clients). Take 5-10 minutes to decide on a result with the client, use visuals to confirm the look you are aiming for and never confuse the client by talking about numbers (e.g. This 5.12 is really nice but I\’m going to use the next one up on you which is 6.24) – instead, always describe colors by tone (e.g. This coppery brown is really nice but for your skin tone I think we should go with something more golden.)
  8. Ask the client for a full color history. Go back for 2 years as this will give you an idea of environmental /lifestyle factors that you should consider. How often they shampoo & condition, what they use, how they style, comb, brush theirhair or even potential chlorine damage from regular swimming. Also you may need to consider treatments, scalp issues, heat and humidity, styling issues etc. These should all be considered before deciding on a color formulation
  9. Do a technical analysis of the clients hair and skin.
  10. Finally, and most importantly, Number 10 – LISTEN TO THE CLIENT! If they really are not sure about the brown you are recommending, do not put it onto their hair. Ask the client why they are unsure about the recommended shade and listen to their concerns. Ultimately, it is the client who has to wear your creation and feel happy with it; not you.

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