Ten Foil Technique – Highlights in Under 5 Minutes

This method is the quickest and easiest way of highlighting hair when you are in a rush. It gives an even distribution of color in the shortest possible time.
Color choices are endless. One, two or three colors. The density of the hair will determine how fine/chunky you do the weave.

  • Isolate a rectangular section of hair from the left recession area to the right recession area, back to slightly below the crown area.
  • Take either weaved or sliced sections, along the outer rectangle section, leaving a space at each corner.
  • Next, make a diamond shape, again leaving the corners out. Finish on the top with the last two foils facing each other leaving a space at the corners and a space between the foils.ten foil hair color technique
One Response to “Ten Foil Technique – Highlights in Under 5 Minutes”
  1. mikeb2mr says:

    great idea but the head is not strait lines we constantly are working on a curved plain your technique does not make it possible to pull the entire section right into the scalp it will always pivot on the curve thus leaving regrowth
    as for placing foils opposite each other on the parting again this will encourage quick sign of roots.
    working on the planes of the scalp curve prevent this your hair line placement will look dreadful if the person pulls their hair back tightly, again suggest think about the shape of the head the choice of section placement of foil.
    thanks for the topic Mike