Technical Analysis of Client’s Hair Color and Skin

Here are seven simple steps to doing a pre-color technical analysis of your clients hair and skin
  1. Consider the face shape and hair cut. Define skin colour (warm or cool) and natural depth of the clients hair colour.
  2. Visualize the haircut and how colour would improve the shape. Look for the focal point of the hair—- this is the place to colour.
  3. Take a centre parting…Not the natural part.
  4. Put your thumb over the coloured hair, so you look at the natural hair only.
  5. Be aware of the lighting, spotlights can give the illusion of the hair being lighter/warmer than it actually is.
  6. Decide if the hair is dark or light brown, dark or light blonde.
  7. Lift hair into the light to look for ashy, warm or yellow tones and decide the cause of the result, are they natural, coloured or environmental? Consider the percentage of white.

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